Featured Artist: Gemma Correll

If, like us, you regularly trawl the internet for anything with cute illustrations, artistic flair and if possible at all, cats, then you are bound to have seen some of Gemma’s work, perhaps without even realising it. Her work is popular. World-wide popular. She was the creator for the very first Pugs not Drugs t shirt design for Urban Outfitters, which went viral across all tumblr accounts belonging to teenage girls. She has also been featured in shops, galleries and publications in major cities in America, Europe and Australia.

But what we like her best for is consistency. It almost seems silly rounding up our favourites, as she creates new drawings with wit and humour on a weekly basis, which never fail to make us chuckle. She also lives in Norwich, where our best freelance copywriter Miranda Day was born, which works in Gemma’s favour.

Here are some that made us want to put down our books and pick up a pen to draw (only briefly, as we quickly remembered why we’re so much better at words than art).

For Huffington Post

I think we can all relate…


You can find more Gemma here , here and here.


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