Golden Cauldron (not golf clubs, as my boyfriend insists on calling them!)

Are you as glad it’s the weekend as us? I love being copywriters but boy, I also love sleeping in quite a bit too.  I have quite a few fun activities planned, which always helps.

1. DO:

After the amazing Olympic Flame statue by Thomas Heatherwick, going to the V&A to see the Heatherwick Studio Exhibition has been on the top of the London List, which I am going to on Sunday.

2. PLAY:

This game combines fast typing, words and explosions. Yes it is awesome, and also highly addictive. PLAY HERE.


Ever since reading about Six Word Stories here, I have been a women obsessed in making a few up of my own. There is a competition to a night in New York (or a $100) but the fun is in the thinking, imagining and writing.

4. WEAR:

It is set to be a scorcher this weekend,  so I’m sticking to denim shorts, floaty dresses and flip flops while the summer is still with us 🙂

Michelle Williams

Kate Bosworth

What are you up to? Let me know, I always need fun activities to get me out of bed at the weekends, or I’ll just sleep right through them!


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