Weekend Delights

The first day of a 3 day weekend. Bliss. Although it is only reaffirming my devout belief that all weekends should follow this trio rule, and the morality of Britain would accordingly increase three-fold. I am sure the British powers read this blog, so I can only now wait for the inevitable to happen.

While I’m waiting, here are some things to see and do this weekend in London.

1. SEE

This awesome Floating Market at Little Venice, Warwick Avenue in London.

The Floating Market

2. DO

Notting Hill Carnival, of course! This 2 day belter is renowned for being one of the biggest, best free parties London can offer, and I cannot wait!

Even Boris likes a party


With classic changeable weather this weekend, it’s going to be tricky to keep dry, warm, and stylish. Head on over to our style blog to see what we have paired together.


Louisa Young

I bought this book on a whim at a small book store, and finding it very interesting, factual and fun.

5. WATCH: Gattaca


This weird film is actually completely enthralling. The film is set in the future but feels like an 1980s classic! Uma Thermon and Jude Law are particularly ravishing.

What are you up to? Three days means 3x more fun! I’ll post my photos of the events next week 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekend Delights

    • Yes! When did you last come over? it has been a great year to be in London, and with the Paralympics going on right now, the fun is still going!

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