Friday’s Song: Gold Panda

Do you have a favourite band or artist that is your little secret? I often stumble upon great songs that have very few views on youtube, but I like that, as it feels personal, like you’ve tapped into some unknown supply of good music.

This is how I feel about Gold Panda, a solo artist (orignally born Derwin Lau) who composes electronic music.

He has slowly been gaining recognition and momentum, and far from chasing commercial success, seems reluctant to embrace it. Born in Peckham, London, lived in Japan and studied at School of Oriental and African Studies at University of London, Gold Panda clearly has a lot of influences to draw from. He released several small-issue 7″ records and singles in 2009, on Various Production’s label among others. The song “Quitters Raga” was named number 75 on the 100 best of 2009 by music website Pitchfork. In 2010 he signed with Ghostly International and released his debut full-length, Lucky Shiner, in September of that year.

I recently decided to re-visit some of my favourites, only to discover one of his best songs now has over 3 million views! So I thought now is the time to embrace his success, and share a few of his best songs with you all . I am very glad he is finally receiving the audience he deserves (and will hopefully play some more shows!)

‘You’ Part 1

‘You’ Part 2

‘Back Home’

Let me know if your thoughts, I’d love to hear what you think. This is quite different to the music I normally listen to (especially the lack of lyrics) but I find it really refreshing and nostalgic.


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