Turning down social events


Tonight was Friday night. The big one. The one you spend the whole week looking forward to. Everyone in the office is discussing plans, speculating how hung over they’ll feel come Sunday.

But tonight, I decided I would stay in, all alone, and just relax. It felt great turning down offers, whereas normally I feel bad if I can’t go, or compelled to attend if I can! I went to the store, got some of my favourite food, and just settled down for some quality catch up time with Masterchef, books and plans.

Mindy Kaling’s blogfamous ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me?’

It felt really good being able to say ‘no’ and not even worry about all the fun everyone else may or may not be having. Although I’m sure I’ll be mingling with a g&t in hand next week (see you there).

Do you go out every Friday? how to you make time for yourself? I’d love to hear 🙂


2 thoughts on “Turning down social events

  1. You have to do this sometimes … One year, I decided to spend one Halloween at home with my Mom! My friends were definitely confused. Apparently I missed tons of fun, but that night, I just didn’t care.

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