Happy 75th Birthday Hobbits of the Shire

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of one of my favourite books, The Hobbit!

There are many ways to celebrate, so here’s a little list.

1. Watch the new Hobbit trailer!

2. Embrace Hobbity ways of life such as enjoying food, wine, the company of others and the pleasure of being alone with a good book.

3. Have a Second Breakfast at 11am, which is delightfully tasty. I chose a pain au chocolat. It was good.

4. Join in with a literature based event; I’m going to this tonight, which I am insanely excited about!

5. And the most important thing: read, re-read or listen (via audiobook) to The Hobbit! it is an excellent book that is immediately compelling, exciting and provokes the imagination into action.

This has been quite a hobbity week, but there are plenty more exciting features to be coming, incuding an interview, a debate, some volunteer work, cookies and a pen pal (which is why I have been so wonderfully busy lately 🙂


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