Help! Internet Shopping

Do you shop online regularly?

There is nothing that I enjoy doing more than browsing Pintrest, Polyvore and Outnet for great items to either inspire my own outfits, or new things to buy. As such, I rarely shop on the high street, and I think this is having a negative effect on my bank balance!

Buying online seems like the fun, easy and quick option but it’s fraught with dangers, especially regarding sizing, quality and authenticity. I often feel like I’m getting a bargain, but then with the additional shipping costs, it rarely works out that way.

How do you feel about shopping online? I recently bought a pair of rain boots I’ve wanted for so long from ebay as they were £50 cheaper, but they are too small, and I am utterly gutted. Let me know what you think and perhaps give me some top tips to prevent me making such a silly mistake again!


4 thoughts on “Help! Internet Shopping

  1. I only shop online for cloths I have already tried in a store, or when I know about company’s sizes. I love buying books online because that way I feel I can buy what I really need and not whatever just came out. Also, if I am after a particular publisher (in most cases in is Taschen) then it is better to shop on their webpage. Shopping online can certainly be tricky, but there is nothing better than receiving a parcel with your name on it. 🙂

    • That is a good tip about trying things first in store, or at least knowing their sizes. I love shops that are in America (because I’m awkward like that) such as J Crew or Loeffler Randal, so it tends to be a hit and miss with those items! Books online are definitely a bargain, and an intellectual treat, but I feel really bad for independent book stores, as they are my favourite places to go, and there are so so few remaining.

      I think the main reason I like buying stuff online is the receiving in the post- like a gift just for me!

    • Oh I am with you on that one. Whenever I do manage to drag myself off my laptop, out of my bed and into the high street, I am only reminded why I left it in the first place= so many people! All pushing and barging, with coat hangers getting tangled and items falling off. It is an ordeal.

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