This is Not a Notebook

As a self confessed book-aholic and hoarder of all things, it is quite natural to assume that beautiful stationary items are one of my top 5 weaknesses. Paperchase visits have to be limited to at least bi-monthly occurrences otherwise rent simply would not be paid.

However! Even though I have drawers full of notepads that are just waiting to be filled with all the genius ideas, witty puns and life-changing poetry that is inevitability going to pour out of my brain (any day now…), there are many new types of note books that help inspire creativity so much more than that taunting blank page.

So I have rounded up a few of my favourites as a sort of early Christmas present list to myself.

1. Ticket Stub Diary, £8.95

Ticket Stub Diary

I have a lot of train tickets- when they cost so much, I feel bad throwing them away

2. Q&A a Day, £13.99

Q & A a Day

A good way to make sure you write every damned day

3. A Birthday Book

These seem to be antiquated since facebook tells you everything, but any excuse for another book, and I’m sold (I do actually own a birthday book)

4. A Guest Book

I had never considered this for anyone other than hotels/b&b’s, but my boyfriends parents have one, and still insist I sign it, even after I have been going there a lot for the last 3 years! it’s actually a really sweet idea, and makes each trip unique.

5. An Address Book

Get back to pen and paper and write to your friends, send them surprise cards and little gifts. It’s a sure way to spread a little joy in the world. With so many addresses, you’re going to need an address book, as that email they sent you months ago will be lost by now.

Being organised is fun


6 thoughts on “This is Not a Notebook

    • I know 🙂 I have a huge stack of them, I keep thinking maybe I’ll make some art piece with them, but I’m yet to sit down and go for it. I think once you bought the ticket stub book, you’d probably always use it, so I may just go ahead and buy it! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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