Friday Favourite: George Clothing

There is a large Asda near where I work in Wembley, and sometimes after work I walk there to have a little browse and buy some things for supper. They have upstairs clothing department, and everytime I visit, I am very impressed the quality and price of clothes there, which are all very fashionable.

Have you noticed this? They sell out online very quickly, but often the shops hold a lot of stock. Here are a few of my favourites:

Tribal, yes. Ox-blood, yes. £6, oh hell yes!

Easy to wear neon and grey jumper is modern, fun and comfortable, and a steal for £12.

For £20, these are an absoloute steal. They are also not as high as other high street options, which is why I had to get them.

Layers, collars and studs are a main part of my autumn look, which is this £14 bargain found it’s way into my wardrobe.

A great winter tote, and for £12, hard to argue with such a price. I also find their items to be of better quality than Primark.


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