The Ultimate Time Stealer

There are a million  websites online which have the magical ability to make time pass a little faster. Pintrest and Tumblr are notorious for it, especially due their highly addictive scrolling-technique to ensure the websites just never end.In a different way, BBC News is an easy way to spend 45 minutes, as they have a vast array of interesting articles relating to recent events as well as more poignant matters. I am also helplessly addicted to browsing on ebay (and Asos and Anthropologie and J.Crew), and then I haven’t even mentioned social media giants.

But, you will be glad to know,  I have found a new way to waste time that is entirely guilt free and utterly adorable.

A puppy webcam!



As I type this right now, they are having a feedtime with their mum. The puppies have been bred for Warrior Canine Collection, a charity the breeds, trains, and then donates dogs for soldiers returning from war. As they say on their facebook page, “Warrior Canine Connection is a therapeutic service dog training program that harnesses the healing power of the human-animal bond.” The soldiers are assigned their own dog who is trained to help them with invisible injuries by providing mobility and social support. As the dogs as their responsibility, they have to walk and feed them daily, giving the soldiers a new sense of purpose and structure in their lives.

So if you feel like you need a bit of cheering up in these dull grey months, I highly recommend a daily dose of puppy webcam.


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