Lizzy Stewart Interview: Part 1

If you are of the arty persuasion, you may have stumbled upon Lizzy Stewart’s delightful work before. If not, it gives me great pleasure to be the first to introduce you to her. Lizzy is an illustrator, based in London, whose work is inspired, primarily, by a need to tell stories. But also by folk […]

Album of the Month: Nada Surf ‘The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy’

One of my favourite bands of all time, Nada Surf, have just released a new album and a European Tour. I am so psyched, I just bought tickets to see their London show. Here is one of their new songs, but if you have never listened to them before, be sure to also listen to […]

Friday’s Song: Gold Panda

Do you have a favourite band or artist that is your little secret? I often stumble upon great songs that have very few views on youtube, but I like that, as it feels personal, like you’ve tapped into some unknown supply of good music. This is how I feel about Gold Panda, a solo artist […]

Artist of the Week: A. McMurchie

Being lovers of all things eclectic, it was inevitable that artist Adrian B. McMurchie was going to gain a place in our hearts.  His use of watercolour and ink is vivid, and all he captures is bought boldy to life, but with an air of nostalgia. He as painted all the favourite cities, including London, New York, […]