The Ultimate Time Stealer

There are a million  websites online which have the magical ability to make time pass a little faster. Pintrest and Tumblr are notorious for it, especially due their highly addictive scrolling-technique to ensure the websites just never end.In a different way, BBC News is an easy way to spend 45 minutes, as they have a […]

Surfdome Blogs: Lifestyle and Fashion

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a good Monday. Just to let you know I blog at Surfdome, and the more hits I gets, the more blogs I can write! So please check out my lifestyle ones here and fashion ones here. There will be lots more to come soon too 🙂

The Everyday Sexism Project

Normally on a Friday I like to keep my thoughts breezy and happy, but since reading about The Everyday Sexism Project, I cannot get it out of my head, and I wanted to hear your views on the matter. The project’s aim is a simple one; “to catalogue instances of sexism experienced by women on […]

Have You Seen This Blog: Awesome People Hanging Out Together

I stumbled upon this blog and it has become my favourite thing. I am seriously considering ordering a few prints of these so I can bask in their talent on a permanent basis. Hugh Laurie, Idris Elba and Benedict Cumberbatch And one of my favourites that isn’t on the site but I love it so […]

Have you seen this blog?

It’s one of favourites! We know what you’re thinking – a new dress a day? but how? and how can I get in on this daily dressy action? Well Marissa, who runs the blog, spends a dollar a day on a dress from a charity shop (or the American ‘thrift store’, which is just […]